Apple Exploring A Better Way To Correct Typos

We all make mistakes when we type on our mobile devices, but this is where smart dictionaries and autocorrect comes into play, where it corrects commonly misspelt words and also understands over time the words that we commonly use will not attempt to make corrections on those.

However, it’s still not necessarily the perfect system, or at least that’s what Apple thinks as according to a recently-discovered patent by AppleInsider, it appears that Apple is looking into the idea of creating a better and faster way of correcting our typing mistakes. The patent suggests that this can be done by simply removing the letters that were typed wrongly.

For example, if you were typing out a word and you got the first two characters correct, but in the middle you made one or two errors, instead of you deleting it yourself, the system could instead recognize the word you’re trying to type and delete the mistakes for you, leaving you with the correct letters.

This way instead of the user having to spend time deleting the characters manually, they can instead focus on typing out the rest of their word. While not explicitly stated in the patent, we imagine that perhaps it can even be used to autocomplete words as well, kind of like how Google’s smart suggestions work. However, as this is a patent, we don’t know if Apple plans to make it a reality, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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