Asset Tracking Rfid

Asset Tracking Rfid

Crime and loss are on the rise and asset tracking rfid chips are here to help you recover lost equipment. Avoid expensive fees and fines and achieve peace of mind with chips from manufacturers such as ENASYS.

Climbing Crime Rates

After decades of declining crime rates, theft is on the rise. This is not only true of incidents involving random actors but with corporate theft of non-cash property. The number of police reports involving stolen property jumped 10.6 percent in 2021 alone.

The rapidly increasing cost of living, job losses, the pandemic, and many other factors are to blame. However, the fact remains, your assets are more at risk than ever.

Why do I need to track my hardware?

The theft of a computer, thumb drive, or other piece of hardware containing potentially sensitive data or corporate secrets is not just a matter of lost property. In many cases, it carries serious fines and fees.

Take the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. Stolen property without safeguards in place incur fines ranging from $20,000 to millions of dollars. The federal government does not take a data breach involving patient information lightly.

Tracking your equipment is as important as ensuring that you have property safeguards in place. Both the new defense rules and healthcare industries among many others require plans for when uninvited guests manage to get around physical barriers.

Is my equipment safe?

If anything, the pandemic years were filled with certainty and potentially damaging situations. Rioters took down light security measures while disgruntled employees quit out of spite. You may think that your hardware is safe but a single unforeseen actor can change everything.

The people you know are the most at risk of causing the loss of property and personal information. Crimes of opportunity are not the only way hardware is lost. Employees misplace computers, phones, and tablets often.

How do I protect my assets?

Among the best ways to secure your property beyond using traditional techniques such as strong locks and hierarchical access rules based on trust is the rfid chip. As with your pets, you can install chips that track the movement of hardware and other assets.

This allows you to rest easy at night knowing exactly where your equipment is. You never have to worry about a missing laptop.

Are there reasons other than criminal activity for tracking my hardware?

Even if you are relatively safe, there are other reasons to use rfid chips. Firms regularly conduct hardware and software audits with the aim of promoting efficiency and reducing costs.

With an rfid chip, it is possible to:

  •  Track every asset
  • Understand the age and use of your hardware
  • Determine when an employee’s computer needs to be replaced
  • Avoid overspending on technology

Companies continue to evolve. Knowing what you have and where is crucial to determining where to spend your revenue.

Asset Tracking RFID Chips

Asset tracking rfid chips are crucial in an age where audits create serious advantages and crime is on the rise. Avoid falling prey to a lack of efficiency and call ENASYS today to find out more about RFID computer tracking.



Asset Tracking Rfid

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