Calf Support Brace 2 Pack, Adjustable Shin Splint Compression Calf Wrap

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Product Description

Boydprox Calf Support BraceBoydprox Calf Support Brace

Bodyprox Calf Support BraceBodyprox Calf Support Brace

BODYPROX: All-around Compression for Every Kind of Shin and Calf Pain.

Free yourself from every shin and calf pain with the Bodyprox Calf Support Brace!

Perfect for the treatment of calf strain, fibula stress fracture, lower leg contusion, deep vein thrombosis, shin splints or medial Tibial stress syndrome/medial traction periostitis, anterior shin splints (anterior compartment syndrome), and prevents calf muscle strains.

This is the ultimate compression support that you need! There’s no need to look elsewhere and no need to add another gear! This is not your ordinary compression socks; this is your PREVENTION and RECOVERY Calf Support Brace.

A sedentary lifestyle also needs support and you don’t need to sport a bulky fitness gear for that. This is just what you needed.

Run More. Go The Distance.

Bodyprox Calf Compression SleeveBodyprox Calf Compression Sleeve

Neoprene is known for its durability, flexibility and matchless insulation.
The Bodyprox Calf Support Brace is made with heavy-duty material that can withstand long hours of continued use.
The Velcro attaches strongly and can be removed easily.
It’s not a pain to put on, plus, it keeps in place even when you move a lot.
Worry no more about roll overs! Whether you are a medical professional standing on your feet the whole day, an athlete recuperating from injury, or a sleepless mom on
postpartum care, this is for you!


Bodyprox Calf Support BraceBodyprox Calf Support Brace

There’s No Insulation and

Compression Better than This. The material used in this product is medical grade, so whether you’re at work, in a triathlon or simply breastfeeding, we got you covered. We know you are tired of getting frustrated about compression socks that just doesn’t work for you, either because your calves are too big or because you are not feeling any relief at all.

So, we made a product that solves all that without putting a hole in your pocket!

Key Features of Boydprox Calf Support Brace:

Big calves? No worries, it’s HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE. (One size, fits most) More control on compression pressure Better and Even compression pressure Heavy-duty Easy to put on Medical Grade, speeds up recovery Stays in place

Graduated Compression. ‘Tis the

Real Deal.

Our product is made of durable, heavy-duty, lightweight and flexible material that makes it the ideal calf support brace for anyone who needs help with pain management or trying to speed up injury recovery. It’s made of materials that are virtually indestructible but not too sturdy to affect your natural movement.

This is for athletes and for those who are


The Velcro straps are designed to let you assign the compression you need on the areas where you feel they are needed. No, you are not getting those unsightly red marks on your skin again. Insulation keeps optimal blood circulation but when you see those skin marks, that should tell you that your compression game is lost and it defeats the primary purpose of even having one.

VARIABLE COMPRESSION SYSTEM. The warmth of the materials used such as neoprene combined with the adjustable straps provides a heated compression which helps warm the muscles which increase blood circulation promoting pain relief and rapid healing.
MEDICAL GRADE MATERIALS. The materials used underwent rigorous testing and development to ensure the highest quality and output. Made from lightweight neoprene fabric that is soft and breathable for comfort at the same time virtually indestructible and hard-wearing. Equipped with adjustable straps for quick fastening.
ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Fully adjustable calf brace for superior support and fits either the right or the left leg. From a wide range of body types to any appropriate age and event this brace will provide a comfortable and snug fit for both men and women.
HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION. The velcro straps are strong enough to provide secured and snug fit compression that keeps in place. It also provides the ability to control the amount of compression when needed which can be worn directly on the calf, over pants or a sleeve. Whether you’re an athlete or just needing support, this is exactly what you need!

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Calf Support Brace 2 Pack, Adjustable Shin Splint Compression Calf Wrap


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