WOBEECO Hypochlorite Maker, 350ML Smart Portable Household Hypochlorite Maker Home-Made Detergent Generator for Home Office

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Product Description

Disinfectant Generator to make your life more easier!!


Disinfectant Generator in Daily Cleaning!


1. During the production process, there are bubbles rising up in the bottle and changing neon lights;

2. If bubbles are signficantly reduced during the production process, please put vinegar or citric acid to the bottle and let it stand for a day before cleaning;

3.Please use up the disinfectant after production with 24 hours;

4.For the continuous production, the interval time is necessary, please keep at least 5 mins between each round;

5.Please keep the Disinfectand Generator away from light, don’t work under the sun.

Q: Why this Disinfectant Generator have water leakage problem when shaking?

A: Due to the safety design under extreme conditions, the bottle mouth is designed with air leakage hole, so slight water spillage due to shaking is normal and not defective.

Q: Why design with air leakage hole?

A: Gas (H₂) will be generated during the process of adding salt and electrolysis. When the water is too full and the amount of salt is large, the bottle body will produce a large amount of hydrogen. The connection between the bottle mouth and the nozzle is completely sealed, and the generated gas cannot be released. In order to prevent When accidents occur under extreme abnormal usage conditions, so we designed the air leakage hole.

Before making the disinfectant, in order to fully dissolve the salt, you need to add salt and shake according to the instructions. When shaking, there will be a slight water leakage. Please shake it up gently instead of vigorously.


How to Use?

1.Firstly, open the cover, add one water level scoop salt(about 3g);

2.Fill it with water up to the 350ml line, don’t forget to screw the lid tightly(unscrew to the right tightly until the bottle is completely close to the sprayer without gap)

3.Shake it up gently to help dissolve the salt.( pls fill in the water not more than 350ml to avoid the water leak between sprayer and bottle when you shake it.)

4.Get the USB cable to pulg it into the jack, unit flashes 3 different-colored lights to notify it is ready.

5. Then push the power button on and wait 10 minutes for it to process. The Generator will stop working after finished. Then you can start to clean.

Disinfectant Generator in Daily Cleaning!









1)Please note when you receive the product, there may have some moisture in the bottle, which is left by the Quality Test before leaving the factory(due to the inability to completely dry the water vapor in the nozzle suction tube,come residues left), it didn’t mean it’s a second-hand product;

2)Please use 5V2A adapter for the plug.

Using more than 5V adapter may cause damage to the machine due to high voltage, and result on product can’t work well.


Our Disinfectant Generator have passed the SGS Certificate, Research Test Report and also EPA Certificate.

EPA registration number 97397, approval date 20/07/2020

🌱🌿🌱[Guard the health of your family]: Hypochlorite Generator made of household salt and running water, and can safely disinfect all aspects of life, such as living room furniture, kitchens, carriages, restaurants, hospitals, etc. In addition, after this disinfection instrument is cleaned, it can also be filled with clean water to replenish the plants at home.
🌱🌿🌱[Intelligent design-Safety]: Our Hypochlorite Generator will automatically power off when the production is completed, there is a safety guarantee; the base of the sterilizer is equipped with a sealing ring to prevent water leakage; the bottom of the base has a layer of silica gel, During the production process, vibration will be relieved, noise reduction function, safe and convenient operation, and effective protection of the health of you and your family during special periods.
🌱🌿🌱[Sprayer- Designed ]: Our sprayer is imported from Holland, with noiseless, ultra-fine nozzle design, good atomization effect, wide coverage, push-type nozzle,just one click to start cleaning.
🌱🌿🌱[24-hour customer service] Our products are strictly controlled by quality. If you have any questions about use, please feel free to contact us. We will provide 24-hour customer service

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WOBEECO Hypochlorite Maker, 350ML Smart Portable Household Hypochlorite Maker Home-Made Detergent Generator for Home Office


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