What is a fashion trend and a fashion cycle?

fashion trends and cycles

What makes something a fashion trend? How does fashion change? You are on the right site if you want to find answers to these questions. A fashion trend is a look, color, or item that is becoming more and more popular. There are also some things that can change a trend. Some of these are textile companies, designer shows, fashion designers, and the clothes that celebrities wear. Let’s find out more.

How does fashion change?

The term “fashion” is used to describe the periodic occurrence of a particular style. At first, it continues to get more and more popular, but then it starts to lose popularity. The general public eventually turns against it and rejects it. Let’s look at the five stages of the fashion cycle in more depth.


At this stage, a new style starts to show up in the fashion world. For instance, this could happen during a fashion week. On the other hand, a well-known person may wear a certain outfit to an event. There are times when it is the result of the collaborative efforts of a manufacturer or marketing agency. Also, you can buy this kind of outfit from a few stores or designers. These outfits are quite expensive.


This is also known as the “acceptance stage.” When something gets more popular in the fashion world, it usually gets a label that says “trend.” This is when a lot of leaders and people who set fashion trends try on these clothes. Some of these people may be from social media sites. At this juncture, there is an ever-increasing demand from customers for these particular goods. Then, more stores and online shops start selling these outfits to the public.


The group’s fame has skyrocketed at this point. There may be a lot of regular people who like the trend. Most retailers will also like this trend. Now that its success has been proven, mass production of this outfit can begin. And the prices will be all over the place.


At this point, the market is oversaturated. At this point, the trend’s unprecedented success has reached a level of saturation that irritates consumers. The outfit’s declining popularity begins now.


At this point, the outfit is thought to be out of style or old. But this doesn’t mean that the item can’t come back into fashion at a later time. In fact, the fashion cycle is a state in which ideas keep happening over and over again.

Take a look at an example. In the 1940s, jeans had become more popular as a way of life. But this trend kept going down until the 1990s, when it started to rise again.

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